The scope of this project was to create a logo and package labeling for a company that employs adults with disabilities to manufacture hand-made all-natural pet treats. The goal was to create a brand that evoked feelings of love, warmth, and playfulness, without being cliché in terms of the symbols that are often used in the pet industry.

Mind Mapping


As I made my way through my ideation process, I knew right off the bat that I would avoid using any of the common symbols like bones or paw prints. This became challenging, so eventually I found myself thinking about other aspects of the company, like the fact that their treats are handmade using cookie cutters. This led me to the idea of representing the name with cookie cutters, which I felt effectively communicated what I was going for while also being very unique in the industry.

Final Logo

Package Labeling

The company manufactures a variety of flavors, so I wanted to design the labeling in such a way as to visually communicate the flavors and the intended pet size while still maintaining a consistent brand. I did this by keeping the yellow color consistent across all the labels but changing up the accent color based on the flavor. I also employed a highlighting scheme using dog profiles to identify what breed size the treats are intended for. Below are some examples.

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