This scope of this project was to develop a logo for a cybersecurity firm named Deep Point Laboratories, whose website will serve a community of experts and academics that want to come together to share knowledge within the industry. The company name is meant to evoke thoughts of intimate discussion and learning that can arise out of such interaction. My goal was to create a brand that evoked feelings of intrigue, curiosity, contemplation, and knowledge.

Mind Mapping


Concepts & Refinement

Final Design

The symbol is composed of interacting waves of rippling water, meant to represent the impact that individuals and communities can have on each other. The colors help to reinforce these ideas; the deep blues and violets reminiscent of the ocean and the mysteries that lay beneath. The logo typeface is Gobold Extra 2, a tall serif font that manages to be both professional and yet not too serious, providing some leeway in the expression of the brand. Its tall nature  also helps visually communicate the depth referenced in the company’s name.

The horizontal version of the logo

Alternate Presentations

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