The goal of this project was to develop a brand for a startup focused on preparing medical students and professionals for the orthotics and prosthetics certification exam. The intent was to develop a logo that evoked feelings of knowledge, wisdom, trust, and professionalism.

Mind Mapping + Sketches

The client already had a name in mind for the company, so although we did explore other ideas for which I sketched out concepts, we ultimately decided to stick with the initial name. Inspiration came to me fairly quickly and we agreed on a design that was simple, but had several layers of interpretation.

Final Logo

The symbol is both an open book, connoting knowledge and access, and a hand, representing the field of orthotics and prosthetics. The hand is reaching upward, symbolizing a desire to reach greater heights, which should resonate with both doctors and the patients they would work with. The company name, Beyond The Book, is meant to indicate that the services provided go further than the learning that can be acquired from simply studying a textbook. The descriptor, O&P Educational Services, makes it clear to the customer that the company’s services are focused specifically in the fields of orthotics and prosthetics.

The chosen typeface family is Nexa Slab, a slab serif font that is both modern and professional, combining the state-of-the-art aspects of the O&P fields with the competency that is expected from the company’s services.

The horizontal version of the logo

Below are some alternate versions of the logo:

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