Passionate About Learning


y journey has been a constant cycle of discovery, interest, engrossment, attainment, and exploration. I started off as a mechanical engineer, and eventually found myself in the field of product management. I attribute this to my love of learning and my desire to never stop in my acquisition of knowledge. When I discover a new area of interest, I tend to go very deep into it in a short period of time. I read books on the subject, practice the skills however I can, and once I attain a certain level of adeptness, I emerge to explore and begin anew. I cannot fathom myself in a position where I am not constantly learning.

I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades, despite the negative connotation that that phrase may have. Most people assume that generalists have skill sets that are "a mile wide and an inch deep," but in my own experience, and at the risk of sounding conceited, my knowledge and skills in any particular area is usually deeper than the average person in that field. This tendency towards variety is what ultimately brought me to the field of product management. As an engineer, designer, and consultant, I couldn't think of a better role in which I could bring all these skills together and work with others who share the same interests.

My Core Values

Pursue Purpose

Do work that is meaningful to you and that has a positive impact on the world. Avoid work that only has profit as a motive.

Be Honest & Fair

Tell the truth, even when it's uncomfortable. Always do right by the others. Work together to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Keep Learning

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Embrace failure and learn from it.

Embrace Change

Challenge the status quo. Learn and adapt. Don't do something just because everyone else does it; do it because it makes sense.

Speak Up

Never be afraid to speak your mind. Be the voice for those who may not be comfortable doing so. Advocate for the underprivileged.

Default to Trust

Begin every relationship with 100% trust in the other person. Assume the best intentions until proven otherwise.

Facts About Me

I'm a culture nerd.
I've read over 20 books on culture and related topics like organization design, behavioral economics, and organizational psychology. I believe the future of work will be won by companies that understand the power of culture.
I'm a beer-vangelist.
I have a Cicerone beer server certification, which means I can tell you more than you'd ever want to know about beer. I host beer tastings and pairings to spread my love of craft beer.
I can dance.
I was a member of a salsa performance team in college. Our choreographer was the one who did Will Smith's "Welcome to Miami" music video.
I'm a walking encyclopedia.
Or so I've been told. I'm that annoying friend that will correct you if you say something inaccurate and then pull up Wikipedia if there's a dispute. On the plus side, I'm a great asset for trivia nights.
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My Approach

Rooted in the methodologies and best practices of design thinking, the focus is centered on the end-user, with the goal of achieving the highest level of satisfaction for the customer while also keeping the business' needs in the foreground.

Step 1. Research

Start by understanding as much as possible about the problem, the market, related trends, the business goals, the competition, and the customer. Dig in to uncover insights and prioritize them appropriately. Frame the insights in the form of personas / user stories / job stories.


Step 2. Ideate

Bring everyone together - researchers, designers, engineers, marketers, other stakeholders, and even customers if possible. Make use of the insights you've gathered to feed the ideation of solutions. Go wide and then narrow it down to a few solid concepts.


Step 3. Prototype

Sketch, wireframe, mockup, and iterate, iterate, iterate. Touch base with the customer often, as they will help ensure that you're headed in the right direction. The final design should abide by great design principles.

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